Up Your Pagan Potluck Game

I have a confession to make: I super hate potlucks. I hate everything about potlucks. I hate the food that I remember so fondly from family funerals, I hate the unsatisfying and lopsided nature of a potluck meal, I hate carrying a hot tray on the bus to the party, and most of all I … Continue reading Up Your Pagan Potluck Game


An Ostara Ritual to Save the Bees

Sure, bunnies are cute and chocolate eggs are delicious, but spring is about more than just fertility and baby animals - it's about flowers. Flowers everywhere are popping up out of the sleepy winter ground, or blooming and dotting the world with a little colour. You may only have snowbells or daffodils now, but soon … Continue reading An Ostara Ritual to Save the Bees