It’s Kushcraft! Weed in Witchcraft

Today is 420 - the official weed holiday for people who love weed. Thanks to a group of teens (bless 'em) in San Rafael California who used to meet up after school to get baked, April 20th has become a day for stoners every where to partake in and brag about illicit drug use. No, … Continue reading It’s Kushcraft! Weed in Witchcraft


Readin’ and Weedin’ – Podcast Ep

  After the very long and well researched previous episode of the podcast, I decided to take it a little easy and talk about some current events here in Windsor. First I review a new book  - Legacy of Magick by Ellen Dugan. Ms. Dugan is an incredibly popular pagan non-fiction author and it shines … Continue reading Readin’ and Weedin’ – Podcast Ep

The Fight for Legal Weed Comes to Windsor

Past generations have fought against alcohol prohibition, have fought for women's rights to vote and receive safe abortions, they fought to bestow well deserved basic rights on people of colour, and to allow LGBT people to marry (in Canada is happened quite some time ago) - and my generations big shift seems to be the … Continue reading The Fight for Legal Weed Comes to Windsor

Weed, Women & Witches

Today I talked about the legal cannabis industry and how it's been dominated by smart, savvy women who know a good thing when they see it. Legal cannabis is set to be the first billion dollar industry that is female dominated, and looks to remain that way. I cited an article from an issue of … Continue reading Weed, Women & Witches