Peace Keepers List – Banish Witch Wars


Have YOU taken the pledge to #BanishWitchWars from your community? Check it out!

Whether it’s the petty squabbles of a witch war, or a more serious issue like an unethical group leader or outright predator, one of the biggest obstacles in eliminating the problem is that many people have no idea who to talk to. There is rarely a pagan council to talk to, and even sexual predators haven’t always broken the law. Many problems get ignored, or escalate.

That’s what makes the Peace Keepers so important in work of banishing witch wars once and for all.

Each of the people on this list have agreed to be there for you if you need to talk. They’re all experienced witches and pagans who have experience dealing with the small stuff and big stuff and can lead you in the right direction.

  • Paige, The Fat Feminist Witch – and anywhere else. Honestly I can talk to you, I can give advice, and if you want I can put out a blast on the show and social media.
  • Tovah –
  • Melissa C –
  • Melissa S, of Mystical Mae Moon –
  • Ron, of Mystical Mae Moon –
  • Evelyn, of the Pagan Advocacy Network of Southern Ontario –
  • Jakob –, and
  • Fae –
  • Melissa R –
  • Traci –
  • A. Elise –
  • Charleen –
  • Derrie
  • Zach –
  • Zara – –
  • Kaitlyn –
  • Valoree –
  • Arik –
  • Rose – –
  • Kelly –
  • Aunda –
  • Matthew –
  • darkandnnerdywitch – –
  • Rose R –
  • Gal –
  • Kali –
  • Carolyn – –
  • Kristin –

Please feel free to contact any of these people if you need help!

Other Resources:

Lady Liberty League – The LLL are a legal group that fight for the rights of pagans in the US

Shauna Aura Knight – Shauna routinely leads workshops on halting witch wars and ethical pagan leadership. She’s written and co-written a few books on the subject including The Pagan Leadership Anthology and The Leader Within: Articles on Community Building, Leadership, & Personal Growth

Want to become a peace keeper? Take the pledge! You can also pledge to banish Witch Wars from your business!



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