Take the Pledge to Banish “Witch Wars”!


“Witch Wars” is a snappy little term for a fight or squabble within a local pagan community, between covens or groups, between businesses or even between individuals. Although many of these squabbles can be fixed by simply being ignored until they blow over – many reach critical levels and break up communities and friendships. Gossip is human nature and if you hear something frightening about a group or businesses, it’s common to warn friends and associates to keep them safe. Though these intentions are noble, many people don’t seem to think about the consequences if the information turns out to be false.

The ‘Banish Witch Wars’ pledge aims to bring communities and people together, stop the flow of rumours and misinformation, and leave a space to highlight ACTUAL problems in pagan communities such as predators, unsafe spaces for marginalized groups, threats, and the violation of civil liberties. In addition to signing the pledge consider being added to the Peace Keepers List: a public contact list of people willing to offer advice, assistance, and even professional services to those suffering from the affects of either petty Witch Wars or actual pagan problems. After signing the pledge you will get an email confirming your pledge, and containing digital materials such as avatars and banners for social media and websites.

By pledging to Banish Witch Wars, you promise to:


Unfortunately the reach of a Witch War often crosses over into the professional sector and shops, stores and pagan businesses either get caught in the cross-hairs or are perpetrators of the war. This can create an unhealthy type of professional competition, divide the community based on where they shop, and actively keep pagan and spiritual resources from people who practice. This can also have damaging repercussions on the local economy as more stores open to accommodate those banned other places. In addition to signing the pledge above, consider signing the pledge as your business. You’ll receive digital materials to add to your social media accounts, photos, website and even to print out and put in the window of your business. You’ll also be added to a public list with a link back to your website.

Sign the pledge to Banish Witch Wars as Your Business

By signing this pledge you can assure yourself, your group or coven members, and your staff and clients that you are taking an active role in creating a more open and cohesive local spiritual community.



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