Godless Heathens! – Podcast Ep

Today we’re talking about secular witchcraft and how not to get discouraged by your lack of “Faith”.
Most resources and books that deal with witchcraft approach it from a religious standpoint, but what if you don’t really think you’re talking to the ancient god of thunder? Are you a failure of a witch? I certainly don’t think so.

The podcast will now be published every other week, to avoid burnout and to allow me to write better blog posts – which you can find on my new website at https://thefatfeministwitch.wordpress.com!

I also introduce a new regular feature called BOOK REVIEW OF SHADOWS where I review a new fiction or non-fiction book on witchcraft and magic.

The music and outdoorsy sounds you hear in the background are from THIS mix on ambient-mixer.com


Source: Godless Heathens!


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